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About Us

We are individuals spread across the talent spectrum hoping to make a change. We believe it is necessary to set up stellar hackathons and other events. Hackathon is a buzz word being thrown in almost all technology-related fields. But what is a Hackathon?

Hackathon comprises of two words hacking and marathon. Participants are given a specific time limit to develop a product using their skills, creativity and innovation. Basically they will solve a problem by developing a product and pitch it at the end of hackathon.

But most Hackathons lack a certain quality caused by lack of promotion or inept management,or unavailability of necessary resources, hence results in a poorly designed event.

With the growth in startup culture quality hackathons are a necessity to allow individuals to connect, learn, most importantly have fun at the same time. We have partnered with various individuals and organization to bring to you an extraordinary palette of events